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Hajj Packages 2023 Best Affordable Packages

Taqwa tours should be your first choice if you are looking for a cheap and affordable Hajj package for 2023. We offer the best Hajj Packages to our customers at competitive prices. Plan your holy pilgrimage with Taqwa Tours and take advantage of special offers and offers at the lowest prices. We are one of the UK’s most trusted Umrah & Hajj Travel Agencies due to our constant efforts to provide our customers with the most budget-friendly, satisfying, and unique Umrah & Hajj deals.



Economy Hajj Package 14 Days

Economy Hajj Package 20 Days

Economy Hajj Package 27 Days

11 Days Non Shifting Silver Hajj Package 2022

21 Days Non Shifting Silver Hajj Package

16 Days Non Shifting Silver Hajj Package

13 Days Shifting Premium Hajj Packages 2022

21 Days Shifting Premium Hajj Packages 2022

Hajj 2022 1443 Economy Package

Get All Your Required Booking Done Easily From Accommodation To Flights Reservation & Transport Arrangement All Done Quick & Easily

Plan your journey to the holy cities and get your packages booked through us. We work with excellent Hajj and Umrah agents who have their approval from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and provide their best rates for the packages so that you only have to focus on the worship and the journey

Guided Ziarat Tours To All Places In Makkah & Madinah

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If you book a package through an agent, the cost of Umrah from the UK can start from around £600 per person based on Quad sharing. 

There’s no simple way of giving an average cost for Umrah. Many factors affect the cost range of your Umrah. Prices vary year to year; in some months you can find a package at less cost than in some other months. The best way to arrange your Umrah and get a good cost is to book your Umrah with Taqwa tours the most reliable and best Hajj & Umrah Agency in the UK. Umrah Packages come with a range of benefits that make the Umrah a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

pilgrims can perform Umrah from 3 August 2022. British citizens can perform Umrah with the Saudi Tourist e-Visa. British nationals living outside Saudi Arabia can apply to perform Umrah via the Ministry of Hajj’s official Nusuk app.

If you wish to apply for an Umrah Visa to Saudi Arabia for UK Citizens, you can only register as a Muslim or as an invitee. However, at Taqwa tours, you can apply for a Saudi Arabia e-Visa online by simply filling out our form on visa page.

Umrah travel is not time sensitive, but December and January are popular months when many Muslims prefer to travel to Mecca. This is for two reasons – firstly because of the end of the Hajj season and secondly because of the pleasant weather during the months in Mecca.

Tourists who come to Saudi Arabia must not be under (18) years old unless accompanied by a guardian.

You can apply for the visa on arrival for the complete guide you can fill out our query form and contact us our agent will get back to you with details.

Travel to Mecca. Enter Al Masjid Al Haram (Holy Mosque) and perform Tawaf – you will circle the Kaaba counterclockwise seven times. Do Sa’ay – 7 times walking between the hills from Safa and Marwah to the Kaaba. At the end of Umrah, men leave ihram by shaving their hair (taxi).

According to Sharia, it is fine to perform Umrah more than once a day.

Women should dress conservatively in long, loose-fitting clothes and cover their hair with a headscarf instead of a baggy scarf. After entering Ihram and before performing sacred rituals, men are not allowed to wear tailored clothing.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia has announced that there will no longer be an age limit for Umrah pilgrims to enter the two holy mosques.

The Ministry of Health KSA has advised the following people to be exempted from the obligations of Hajj and Umrah: Those who are over 65 years old

Holders of US, UK and Schengen visas can now travel to Saudi Arabia and obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport, saving time normally required to apply for a visa at a Saudi consulate

Pilgrims must perform halq or taqsir to get out of ihram in accordance with the process of umrah. Women have to cut their hair up to their fingertips to get rid of ihram. Many hadiths emphasize the importance of the umrah haircut ritual, which is often reported by Islamic scholars.

Jewelry is not allowed during the performance of Umrah. Women are not allowed to cover their faces for Umrah. Make-up is also not allowed during Umrah.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said children can accompany their parents to pray at the Grand Mosque and set the minimum age for obtaining permission for Umrah at the age of five.

Parents can take their children under the age of five without permission,” the ministry said in a post on Twitter. However, children over the age of five must obtain permission via the “Eatmarna” app to enter the holy site.

Add companion. Enter Iqama number and date of birth. Click Add. The Eatmarna app will show you the added spouse/children.

Add a spouse/child in the Eatmarna/Nusuk app
1. Under “My Services” click “Services”.
2. Select “General Services”.
3. Click “Register mobile number for Tawakkalna”.


Taqwa Tours is a reputable hajj and Umrah agency in the United Kingdom we offer different types of packages to pilgrims. Like 3-star Umrah packages 4 star Umrah Package 5 star Umrah Pacakge and different packages. 3 star Umrah is a great option for UK residents who want to complete the pilgrimage on a budget, 4 Star Umrah package is focused on some comfort options under a good budget & 5 Star Umrah Package is an option for those who look for luxury and want to perform their Umrah in comfort. You can check all our Umrah packages 2023 from the UK and choose the right one.


Looking for an affordable 3-star Umrah package? Look no further than Taqwa Tours. We offer the cheapest 3-star Umrah packages in the UK, starting at just £600 per person.

Our 3-star Umrah packages include return flights from London Heathrow, Manchester, or Birmingham, 7 nights’ hotel accommodation in Makkah and 3 nights’ hotel accommodation in Madinah, transfers between airports and hotels, and much more.


Many Muslims in the UK wish to perform Umrah but are unable to do so for various reasons. The main reason is the cost and time required to complete the journey from the UK. If you are one of those people who have been longing to go to Umrah but haven’t been able to do so, then we have some good news for you.

Taqwa Tours is offering an all-inclusive Umrah package from the UK which will enable you to complete your journey within a reasonable budget. The package includes flights, accommodation, transport, and visa fees. You will also be provided a step-by-step guide on performing Umrah.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and book your place on our next Umrah trip from the UK!


There are many reasons why you should choose Qibla Travels for your next Umrah from the UK. Here are just a few:

– We are a highly experienced and reputable travel company in arranging Umrah from the UK.

– We offer a wide range of UK Umrah packages to suit all budgets and preferences, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you.

– We have an excellent team of knowledgeable and friendly staff who are always on hand to help you with any questions or queries you may have.

– We provide a comprehensive booking service so you can relax and perform  your Umrah, safe in the knowledge that everything has been taken care of.



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