Every Muslim believer’s faith lies in the holy, islamic practices and spiritual beliefs. Supplications, zikr and pilgrimages, all these religious rituals whether major or minor, uphold vital importance and great virtue. Likewise, Umrah beholds a significant place in the hearts of believers. Ramadan is considered the holiest month of all.

Many people desire to perform this holy activity during this significant month. Performing Umrah during such a pious month intends to clarify and cleanse certain impurities, seeking refuge and asking forgiveness for greater and smaller sins with strong worship and deep sorrow.

Strong desires and deep faith calls Muslims to experience this enriching ritual amidst Ramadan. Several steps and guidelines to perform Umrah are necessary to find out prior to experiencing this journey. Go through the following article if you are looking forward to avail the best Umrah packages for this Ramadan.

Guide to Perform Umrah:

Follow these significant guidelines to enjoy a premium trip during the holiest month of Ramadan.

Preparations for Umrah in Ramadan

Intent to perform Umrah during the religious month multiplies the significance and virtues. Umrah packages during Ramadan become pricey and limited. Planning to perform a spiritual practice; Umrah implies the best travel agency for your pilgrimage.

Choose the Best Umrah Package 2024:

Selection is the key to a better option. The right choice leads to the best destinations. Choose a package that entails a visa, ticket, and hotel residence. If you are performing Umrah in ramadan for the first time then awareness and knowledge is all that you need. Travelling to Makkah for the first time can be a surprising journey.

Prerequisites of Umrah; The Essential Rituals

The essential conditions to perform a valid Umrah, include four pillars. Without these pillars the action is not considered complete whether it has taken hours of your effort. Minor details and implications must be followed accurately.

·        Ihram

Ihram refers to the piece of clothing and modest wear that a Muslim has to wear in regard to performing Umrah. Men are supposed to wear two pieces of thick white cloth wrapped around the body while women are restricted to wear modest seamless wear, where body and hair are not visible.

·        Tawaf

Tawaf or circumambulation is the act of moving around the Kaaba in order to complete seven rounds, counterclockwise. After tawaf Muslims are obligated to offer two rakats in front of the holy Kaaba.

·         Sai

The ritual to travel 7 rounds between the mountains of Safa and Marwa refers to Sai. Distance covered from Safa to Marwa counts as one complete round.

·        Halq and Taqseer:

The last step of Umrah involves shaving or hair trimming. Where men are supposed to perform Halq that refers to shaving and women are restricted to to cut 1-2 cm of hair strands.

Benefits and Rewards:

According to Hadith, Umrah performed during the holy month is equivalent to Hajj. Umrah is a minor pilgrimage, and not an obligation. However, people who are obligated to perform Umrah during Ramadan are not restricted to avoid Hajj.

People are unaware of this greatest deed. Purging emotions and cleansing hearts is the vital aspect of Umrah. Therefore, experiencing a deep bond and  cleansing souls is vital. However, choosing the perfect travel agency can offer convenience and comfort.

Tips to Perform Umrah During Ramadan

Taqwa Tours suggest some essential tips  that can help your journey to be joyous, relaxing and spiritual during the crowded month of Ramadan. Some unforeseen circumstances can always occur as the Muslims are fasting while performing Umrah simultaneously.

●     Avoid Overeating

Makkah is a hot city with extreme weather conditions. During Ramadan it is suggested to eat consciously as overeating can make the pilgrims feel lethargic and fatigued. While performing Umrah, the pilgrims have to walk long distances which is not easy with a heavy stomach.

●     Prevent Sun Exposure

During fast it is possible that you might suffer through dehydration. As the sun is at its peak during daytime it is advised to carry small umbrellas to avoid direct sun exposure while you perform the rituals and offer prayers. Spending most of the time in supplications and prayers can seek you forgiveness but taking care of health is also significant to perform each step.

●     Consume Nutritious Suhoor and Iftar

Surviving all day while having a fast can make you feeble. However, you must consume enriching meals and items at the time of suhoor so you can perform the mandatory and secondary rites perfectly. Being healthy lets you perform your ibadah and worship purely with deep desires.

●     Carry a bag of essentials

A wholesome tip that can save your life. While leaving your residence for Haram or tawaf always keep a bag full of these supplies:

  • Water bottle
  • Umbrella
  • Medicines
  • Hotel keys
  • Cash
  • Mobile phone
  • Dates or sweets

●     Use matching items to find your companions during Umrah

Travelling in a group or with family is recommended. However, Ramadan is the month of rush where pilgrims from all over the world desire to perform Umrah and spend Laylatul Qadr in Makkah. To find your companion among the crowd is difficult, to avoid getting lost a wiser option is to carry matching stuff such as bags or anything that indicates the symbol representing your family or group.


To sum up, it is necessary to know every primary and secondary detail concerning your Umrah. During Ramadan, Muslims are obligated to fast where pilgrims combine both spiritual practices and deepen their bond with their creator.

In order to smoothen and enrich your spiritual rites to experience, travel agencies for Umrah play the protagonist’s part, you can entrust our services for your holy journey.