Starting an Umrah trip from UK is a very spiritual experience that offers the opportunity to grow in faith and experience personal renewal in Makkah. Planning ahead is essential, regardless of how experienced you are as a pilgrim or if this is your first Umrah.

With regard to this, working with a trustworthy travel agency in London is one of the first choices you’ll have to make. This choice can have a significant impact on the simplicity and success of your journey. Selecting an experienced and reliable firm reduces the possibility of typical problems making it easier to navigate the complexities of applying for an Umrah visa from the UK.

Taqwa Tours is your dedicated travel agency offering reliable yet economical Umrah packages in Manchester with further commodities and benefits.  In this detailed guide, we will take you step by step through the process of obtaining your Umrah visa from the UK.

How to Apply For an Umrah Visa from the UK?

Commencing your Umrah journey with appropriate preparation and visa guidance ensures a fulfilling yet spiritually enriching experience. Mind that, the call to Mecca is a sacred one, and navigating the visa process is a crucial step towards fulfilling your pilgrimage aspirations.


The Umrah packages from London or Manchester both, can vary significantly, for visa fees, so comparing Umrah packages from reputable agencies is crucial. Umrah packages typically include flights, accommodation in Makkah and Medina transportation, meals, and guidance from experienced agents. You should opt for the ones which suit your budget well.

Essential Steps for Applying for Umrah Visa from UK

Follow the given step-by-step guide to apply for an Umrah Visa from UK.

●    Select the Reputable Umrah Travel Agency

The first and foremost step for the Umrah visa application procedure to go smoothly is selecting the reputable travel agency. The agency should provide budget-friendly Umrah packages from Manchester and London in order to make your Umrah a pleasant journey.

In addition, the reputable agencies will be well versed in the application procedure, necessary paperwork and any particular needs for your journey. All your accommodations, reservations as well as booking will be fully handled by your chosen travel agents.

●    Gather Required Documents

Gathering the necessary paperwork for an Umrah visa application includes a filled-out application form, recent passport-sized photos, and confirmation of your travel and lodging arrangements.

Verify that every document is current, legal, and, if needed, translated into Arabic or English. To prevent any mistakes or delays, your travel agency can assist you in preparing and confirming these documents.

●    Application Procedure

After you’ve gathered all the required paperwork, apply via the Saudi Consulate or Embassy in the United Kingdom. Depending on the embassy’s requirements, you can either do this in person or by mail.

The current fee for a single-entry visa may vary, so make sure you pay the relevant fees. Wait for the application to be processed, which usually takes two to four weeks, after submitting it.

●    Wait for the Final Approval

Once your application has been submitted, wait for the Saudi government to review and authorize your visa. Please be patient and make appropriate plans as this may take several weeks.

The visa will be sent to your travel agency and forwarded to you once it has been approved. To prevent any problems when traveling, make sure you thoroughly go over the visa details, including the duration of validity.

●    Do the Final Arrangements

It’s now time to make final travel arrangements after obtaining your visa. Reserve your travel agency or directly for your airfare, lodging, and ground transportation in Saudi Arabia. Make sure your schedule for Umrah is well-defined, and don’t forget to ask for any necessary transportation between cities.

●    Prepare for Departure

Make sure all the paperwork for your travel visa and passport is in order before you leave for Saudi Arabia. Remember to bring necessary medications, necessary clothing, and essentials.

Be familiar with local customs and regulations and exchange your money for Saudi Arabian Riyals (SAR). At last, get yourself spiritually ready for the journey ahead, and ask your Umrah travel agency or a professional guide for advice if necessary. Have a safe journey!


To sum up, accessing a cheap yet inexpensive pilgrimage starts with planning your Umrah visa well in advance, especially during peak seasons. Make sure to choose a reliable travel agency in UK with experience in handling Umrah visas.

Also, ensure all your documents are complete and meet the even most precise requirements. It is better to be aware of any changes in visa regulations or fees. Lastly, verify to respect Saudi Arabian laws and customs throughout your pilgrimage in order to exclude mishaps and disobedience.